AIYA Photography's first ever VIDEO ♥

You may remember I introduced you to AIYA Photography a few months back? Well, as from July of this year they are now offering video as part of their services. For over 7 years AIYA has only captured the faces of happy brides & grooms on camera.. until now 🙂  It’s all rather exciting for my friend Izzy and the creative team at AIYA. (And for me too, because this means I get to share more wedding videos with you.. yay!)
So here we have AYIA’s very first wedding video… and it’s rather good, like very good. ♥

Sheetal & Daniel from Izzy on Vimeo.
Isn’t Sheetal stunning? I know I say it every time I post a video, but I really could watch these all days. Theres nothing better than watching someones wedding on film…
2013-07-31_0006(pp_w713_h246) 2013-07-31_0007(pp_w713_h481) 2013-07-31_0008(pp_w713_h506) 2013-07-31_0011(pp_w713_h572)-12013-07-31_0016(pp_w713_h640)If you’re getting married in Dubai or any where in the UK, I suggest you check out their website… and drop my friend Izzy an email for prices. 🙂
Website: www.aiyamedia.com 
Email: izzy@aiyamedia.com
Back soon with more photos and all the details from Sheetals & Daniels big day xx

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