An under the sea proposal…announcing the winner of our competition with Goldfish Photography and Video

Happy Sunday lovelies!
What better way to start the week than to celebrate with the announcement of the winner of our competition with Goldfish Photography and Video, this makes us happy. Firstly, we have to say thank you so much to all the lovely brides-to-be who shared their beautiful engagement stories with us – it has really been amazing reading them all and you have really brightened our inboxes 🙂
Sadly there can only be one winner though and we are happy to announce our lovely reader Ronke Bello as the winner of an AED 2000 discount off one of the fabulous photography and video wedding packages from Goldfish – yay! Congratulations!
We fell in love with Ronke’s engagement story from under the sea…this one is sure to have you swooning by the end of it and we have to give a big applause to groom Dotun for pulling it all off – well done!
Completely shocked and surprised 5 metres deep under water in the middle of the Indian Ocean near the shores of a beautiful Maldivian Island, a new chapter began as I brought out my hand to accept the proposal of my soon to be husband Dotun Oyejola. The diving team crew from Palm Beach Resort and Spa were overjoyed with excitement that the plan for the proposal (that they were all aware of the day before) went well.
The day the before the proposal was when it all began. We were practising how to scuba dive on the Island’s swimming pool when the idea sparked in Dotun’s mind that he was going to propose to me under the sea instead of the traditional romantic dinner proposal. After the diving practice, that evening he kept going away on short private talks with the diving manager.  At the time I believed they were negotiating prices for the diving activity we wanted to do the following day.
So the day of the proposal came and I was completely dreading the thought of scuba diving, the thought of sharks was filling my mind. I really wanted to back out and say no but at the same time I didn’t want fear to stop me from having a once in a lifetime experience and I certainly didn’t want to let Dotun down.
The first hurdle was jumping off the boat in my diving suit gear and the second hurdle was getting control over my breathing and making that decision to dive. When I finally got underwater, I was beyond amazed, it was sea world wonderland!! Beautiful fishes of different colours, shapes and sizes, swam by as tribes or individually. I saw beautifully coloured seashells and other sea creatures. The creation underwater was divine!
I held Dotun’s hand as we approached the bottom of the sea and both of our diving guides helped us to our knees. I was thinking we were going to do an exercise which we practiced the day before when all of a sudden a scroll was rolled out by one of the diving guides which read “Ronke, will you marry me?”
My hands went straight to my chest and the ring was presented in front of me in its box. Dotun took it out, holding it securely and placed it on my left hand finger, I embraced him for what seemed a long time before we swam back up and out of the water. My emotions were on high and I was super thankful, I never saw this coming at all. The holiday to Maldives was planned for my birthday and I ended up engaged!
Ronke – thank you for sharing your story with us and we couldn’t be happier to give you this lovely gift.
Okay have a great afternoon everyone and we’ll be back tomorrow with more wedding loveliness,

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