Ask them with chocolate…

Creative Box have been rather busy designing these very cute personalised chocolate gifts.  Asking your friend to be your bridesmaid is kind of a big deal, so asking with personalised chocolate seems like a really sweet idea. Who wouldn’t say no to chocolate? If you wanted to get all fancy and technical you could make a video like Dani did? Check out  *how she proposed to her bridesmaid*
Creative Box - Dubai
Ritu created the a custom made gift box which contained the following;
1. A mini bottle with a personalized tag (we created a monogram for the couple)
2. Personalized chocolate wrapper – which asked the question. The couple could retain the wrapper as a memory.
3. A note: explaining the items that their friends will require to be their groomsman and bridesmaid
The groomsman gift box is pretty cute right? It’s probably a little more manly than sending flowers to your best man. (That’s exactly what Nathan did… he he he) For pricing please contact Ritu at Creative Box.
Back later with Laura and Morgan’s wedding video… (promise) 🙂 xx

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