Awaiting No. 2 – Our family shoot with Chloe Lodge…

A few weeks back Chloe came over to our house after what was a stressful few hours. Adeline was in a terrible mood, she napped in the car as she refused to sleep in her bed and was just recovering from a viral infection, so was snottier than usual. I had very little time to get ready, so ended up in jeans and a t-shirt and had barely any makeup on. It wasn’t the ideal start to a family shoot but as soon as Chloe arrived, she got down on the floor, we had a snack, Adeline opened a belated birthday gift from Chloe and slowly warmed up to the idea of playtime with a new friend. By the end of our session, Adeline was Chloe’s new bestie. It’s one of the many reasons why I love Chloe’s style. Not once did we have to pose, or take direction, she just captured us as we were and we went with the flow. Of course, Adeline soon realized there was a camera and started to perform but that was part of the fun.

I seriously believe that spending money on a good photographer is so valuable. We will cherish these images forever, and that’s priceless.

I hope you like them as much as we do.

Thanks to the wonderful Chloe for capturing us on camera.
If you’re looking for a photographer for a family shoot, maternity or newborn then she comes highly recommended. (obviously)
Check out… http://www.chloelodge.com 
I should also give a little shout out to Liliam at E Walls for creating our baby boys amazing mountain wall, and to Chay at Bear Love for the very cool leggings, Adeline wore during our shoot. (We were lucky she wore anything at all… apparently grumpy toddlers don’t like clothes.)

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