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Beauty Tips – A Must do for Every Bride to Be…

A Must do for Every Bride to Be by Monica at MHG Beauty. 
 I know there are many things on your wedding planning list and I don’t want to be the one to add more to your timeline but I feel it’s something that is not always considered and might be of help. I am talking about when it is a good time to have your wedding makeup and hair trial.
I understand you must be busy and probably just trying to find some free time to arrange it all, but if possible I would suggest the following occasions to get your makeup and hair trial done:

2016-11-23_0002Your Engagement photo shoot

If you are planning on having an engagement photo shoot, which by the way I highly recommend because you get to know your photographer (s) a little bit more and will feel more relaxed on your wedding day, which results in more natural ambiance and pictures. Having your makeup and hair trial on this day will give you an idea of how comfortable you feel with the look. What I regularly like to do, is go for a very similar look of the one I would do on your wedding day, but not the exact same one. We wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, would we? As for the hair, I usually create the style we are going for on the wedding day so that we settle on a look and then just change it up a bit for the shoot. For example, If it’s an updo, make it a bit messier or not add to much detail into it. Maybe turn it into a half-up, half down or a loose hair style, etc.

Your Dress fitting
You can also have your makeup and hair trial on the day of your dress fitting, this way you can get a good idea of the full look and decide if you want to make any changes. It’s also a good option because you can try on hair accessories as well as determine where you want to place your veil, if you are wearing one.
As for destination weddings it is not always possible to travel to have your trial months before your wedding day, for this reason, a good option would be having your trial for a family dinner (in some cases rehearsal wedding) few days before your big day.
Worst case scenario, which is actually still one of my favorite options; if for some reason it is not easy to arrange having your trial on any of these occasions, you can always talk your fiancé into taking you out for a nice romantic dinner. I mean you already have your makeup and hair done right?
Enjoy your wedding preparations!
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