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Afternoon my lovelies, I’m here today with the lovely Monica. My friend who lives for beauty, makeup and all that other girlie stuff I know nothing about. OK I know the basics but that’s pretty much it. 🙂 Anyway…. over to Monica for today’s blog!
Hi Guys! Just wanted to share my tips on things I recommend you do when getting back from your summer vacay. All these will just refresh your hair and skin. Yes! Now your hair and skin need a vacation from your vacation, ha!
Refresh your hair-color.
There are several options here, if you colored your hair just before you left for vacation, I would recommend getting a shampoo color, which should only take around 15 minutes and will refresh your look and make your hair shine and look absolutely beautiful.
If you haven’t retouched your color, you can either retouch it and get a shampoo color from mids to ends oooooooor get a whole new look!
Makeup by Monica blog Trim your ends.
It is very important to trim your hair every now and then to avoid split ends. Specially after traveling cause the water and the weather in every city is different and your hair reacts to that as well as chlorine in pools and excess sand from the beach.
It is vital to exfoliate both your skin and hair, when doing this you get rid of all the excess product build up and dry skin that can’t easily be removed with daily cleansing and both your hair and skin will be ready to receive and get all the benefits out of those amazing face masks, skin moisturizers and hair treatments you apply after. To exfoliate the skin, we recommend LUSH products (you can read our face mask blogs by my sister at my Facebook page Monica Makeup Dubai). There’s an exception to do this right after your vacation if you got a tan, then you skip directly to our tip #5.
A hair exfoliator I love is ‘Davines Detoxifying shampoo & treatment’ from their natural tech line. This product feels so good on your scalp and gets rid of build up, so that all your hair products can really do their job when applied.
Makeup by Monica blog
Hair treatments.
Now that your hair is exfoliated and ready for treatment, get advice from beauty professionals on what is the best treatment for your hair, it always depends on its state today, if it’s dry, damaged, too oily, etc. We suggest you get both intense treatments that are applied by professionals at the salon and a product you can take home to apply at least once a week to keep your hair shiny and healthy. One of my favorites is ‘Goldwell’s Inner Effects’.
Makeup by Monica blog Hydrate your skin.
You need to hydrate from the inside out, so the first thing would be to drink lots of water and try to drink coconut water as well (make sure its 100% natural) this will replenish your body. Then apply your favorite moisturizer at least once a day and if you can do it immediately after you shower, even better! Just so the product seals in the moisture. There are so many options, from coconut and argan oil, to LUSH (cosmetic store) moisturizers that we adore because their 100% natural, full of amazing ingredients and handmade.
If you decide to get a new look (hair-color wise specially) it’s a good excuse to buy some new makeup!
Your hair-color can either lighten or darken your skin color, so it’s important to try new makeup that will balance that out and make everything blend together so that your new look, looks even more amazing. You will notice you can apply other eyeshadow, blush and lipstick colors that maybe didn’t catch your attention before.
So there you have it! I am happy to give you specific advice on your whole look if you need it, just contact me and book a consultation, we can even go on a makeup shopping spree, yay!!!
Remember, inner and outer beauty go hand in hand,
Massive thanks to the lovely Monica. Hmmm I think I need to head out to the mall to treat my hair to some TLC. Oh and you can contact Monica via Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/monicamakeupdubai
Back tomorrow xx

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