Being a technical bride-to-be…

Today I’m sharing with you something fun, and technical from guest blogger Helen..
How smartphones can help you think and plan your big day
Did you just get engaged? Congratulations! Now you have to plan your wedding. Fortunately, there are hundreds of apps out there that will help you get every little detail right, from the color scheme to the icing on the cake. Here are a few of our favorite apps to help you plan your special day.
 The popular inspiration board with a social networking component is now available in app form, so you can browse countless ideas for wedding planning, dresses, and favours using your mobile phone. When you find something you like, add it to your board so you can incorporate it into your big day.
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Wedding Plandroid
This comprehensive free app for Android offers everything you need to plan your wedding from your phone. You can set a budget, make a to-do list, browse venders, manage your guest list and even set alarms to help you remember your tasks’ deadlines. It allows you to do almost everything in one place.
You can’t have a wedding without a gift registry, and this website is the most popular in Dubai to aid this task. Using the five step process that they have you go from creating a list to picking items to sharing the list over Facebook and Twitter to finally collecting the gifts from a partner store and then, of course, thanking friends and relatives. It is a simple but effective way to create and manage a list so that it is tailored to you but also convenient for your guests.
Mylist.ae Dubai
The Travel Attaché
Don’t forget about your honeymoon! Unwind after your special day with a plethora of options from this luxury travel boutique. How about a trip to ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka? Famous for the Silk Trade Route, this Buddhist country is a beautiful mix of greenery, idyllic beaches and wonderful temples.
Wedding Budget!!
 Speaking of budgets, this helpful app will keep track of your budget and let you know when you’ve gone over. Though we all try to stay under a certain amount, this can become difficult particularly as the date nears and there are last minute changes, such as additions to the guest list or changes to the menu.
Wedding Snap
 When the big day arrives, you’ll want something in addition to the beautiful, professional-grade photographs that your wedding photographer takes. Instead, capture the human element with Wedding Snap, an app that lets your guests take pictures with their phones and then share them with you. You can even have them projected onto a wall during your reception so everyone can see the pictures in real time.
These are just a few of the countless wedding apps out there, and thanks to Helen we are now a little more tech savy 🙂
Credits to guest blogger Helen who’s a fabulous writer.
Back tomorrow with a gorgeous engagement shoot xx

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