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Guest blogger Leena is taking over MLW today, with this fabulous feature on Escapades stationery. If you’re a fan of details then you will love this…
The keepsake that romances hearts, tasseled and tagged, ever so loveable:) Each one telling a story of their own, with an ode to love struck passion! Decked in finery, lace, pearls or a layer or two of lush brocade, silken velvet to the touch and wrapped in mystique with a promise of so much more within!
Let’s talk wedding favors, the all consuming essentials that express the token of appreciation for every guest. Striking just the right balance between bridal fanfare and having your guests take home a meaningful memento! These tiny trivia require the same if not more thematic collaboration and skill to tie them in with strains of harmony with the rest of the wedding 🙂 Calling in the experts is the best route, especially since couples enjoy very being creative and original these days………mini beaded fans, tea light candles with names engraved, miniature elephant in jade and sugar coated almonds in molten gold are but a few of the flights of fancy…..
Wedding Stationery
Ready to fuel any fanciful dreams are the Escapades team, with lead designer and Ceo Niti Modi steering the helm of her company to unmarked territories of design! Niti is a creative genius when it comes to brainstorming concepts around the personalized preferences of her clients:) She is adept at spinning the theme, making the required products in her own workshop, and working around the clock personally to put together favor boxes, pouches and much more in shimmer and shine that melts hearts. Have a look at her FaceBook link www.facebook.com/EscapadesStationeryLLC for her ongoing inspirations and styling:) Make your wedding, bridal shower or after party come alive with baroque, renaissance or classic chic!
If you’re coming to The Wedding Fair on Saturday at The Address Montgomerie, then you can meet the team at Escapades. They will be showcasing their products and will be there from 12-8pm to chat weddings 🙂  It’s going to be a fab day people.. so I hope you come and say hello.
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