Bridal shower & hen party ideas in Dubai…♥

I had an email last week from a bride-to-be who is getting married in Spain, and due to her wedding being abroad she is going to have her bridal shower here in Dubai. Bridal shower or hen party… it’s basically the last girlie gathering before the bride-to-be becomes a married women. It’s very common now for brides to dash off for the weekend, but when you’re already paying for flights and accommodation for a wedding then it’s one extra thing you can do without splashing the cash!
I’ve been doing some research and come up with a few ideas…
Lunching for the girlie girl..
Staying in and have your very own girlie bridal shower lunch in the comfort of your own home is one way to keep the cost down. You could decorate and home bake cakes, cupcakes and all things naughty. you could even theme it, and colour coordinate everything so it’s extra pretty. If you’re going to do it like this then you definitely need the cutest little favors from Conti Confetteria and of course lots of bubbles.
I love the idea of decorating your lounge or back garden, and surprising the bride-to-be. I actually love it so much that I created my own bridal shower set up… (shame I’m already married.. hehe)
Lots more photos coming later today…. 
For the wild girl…
Fancy camping or glamping?  Of course this entirely depends on when your bride is getting married and where. If you’re planning a hen party in the next few weeks then you still have time to do some thing adventurous. I’d suggest camping for one night and staying at a hotel the second night. Mixing budget and luxury is a great way to spread the cash, and also I’d imagine you’d need a nice hot shower after a night in the desert. Check out Time out Dubai for more info on where to camp.
Stay at home pampering…
Call in Orange Beauty Spa and have a good pampering session. If you fancy getting your nails done or having a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home then this is a must have. I actually do this with my friend Clare now and again and it’s so much fun. You can sit in your lounge, relax with a glass of vino and feel spoilt without blowing the budget. It’s so much fun in a bigger group and where else can you combine vino and manicures in Dubai?
Get active…
Spending an afternoon doing something active like skiing in Ski Dubai or go karting at Dubai Autodrome can be really fun in a group. It could be the start of an evening out and it’s great if you’ve got a mixed group of friends. It sort of breaks the ice. For my friends hen party we all did a pole dancing lesson, which was so much fun and a good work out. It’s much harder than it looks!
Get Cooking…
Taking a cookery lesson is another activity, (obviously less active than pole dancing) that could be fun for a large group.  Jones the grocer have cooking lessons for 2 hours at AED 375 each, although I’ve never been I’ve heard they are really fun. Worth a go right? For more info call 04 346 6886.
Afternoon Tea…
Afternoon tea is something that you can do with all the ladies, no matter what age. It’s the more sophistcated option, and who doesn’t love tea and scones? I’m currently working with one of Dubai’s best hotels to bring you your very own Bridal shower package… so watch this space.
The usual ideas…
Of course there many more options that you have, such as the usual Friday brunch, or an all inclusive buffet dinner… or maybe a yacht cruise for an afternoon? I’ll work on some more ideas and get back to you soon.
Oh, and don’t forget to check in later to see my bridal lunch set up… it’s so pretty ♥
 Joelle x

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