Bride-to-be update… ♥ Kara ♥

Hello my lovelies,
Do you remember I featured bride-to-be Kara a while ago? At that time she hadn’t decided if she was going to get married here in Dubai or head back to Australia for the big day. Well, she has made that decision and the planning has just begun. Here’s a quick update for you…
Have you found a wedding venue?
It’s not 100% confirmed but looking at Gurragawee Art Studios – Byron bay Hinterland, NSW, Australia
Have you set a date? 
Yes, it’s May 31st 2013 – not the favourite but work got in the way – at least we get to enjoy the planning process now.
Are you enjoying the first few steps of planning your wedding?
Hmmm I hope they are the hardest! pleasing family and friends when the bride and groom are from other sides of the world is tough.  Venue, date, guest list and in my case a wedding planner are the hardest calls to make especially when you have so many options and you have to decide remotely and trust others opinions.  Once those decisions are made I’m sure it gets easier – it has to right???? (yes, It does get easier. Once the venue is booked everything will fall into place… I promise 😉 )

Any advice for other brides getting married? (at home or in Dubai)
If your getting married remotely try and plan a trip home even if its for a weekend  – make a shortlist and then visit the venues, meet key suppliers – this removes the anxiety (a little bit anyway).  Also look for a good wedding planner – one that has local knowledge (if its UAE I highly suggest Joelle 🙂 Most of all enjoy it – don’t make every conversation with your fiance about the wedding  – and make sure you make yourselves happy – pleasing everyone else is impossible.
Thanks for the update, and the shout out Kara 😉
Big hugs and weekend love..

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