Budget tips by Wedding Planner Clare Ebbs…

  1. Forget the Wedding March – ask your organist to play a song that’s more personal to you. A pop song will sound grand on a church organ but gives your ceremony a modern touch – Crazy in Love anyone?
  2. Who needs doves? Give each guest a balloon in your wedding colours and ask them to release them all together during the reception for a spectacular effect.
  3. Organise quirky games for your guests to play during the champagne reception – a wedding quiz is guaranteed to get people talking!
  4. Ask creative friends to each make a centrepiece that reflects you and your man – you’ll save on flowers and your table displays will have so much more meaning.
  5. Instead of just the three traditional speeches, open the floor to your guests and invite anyone to make a short toast to do so.
  6. There’s no need to spend a fortune on dance lessons, but choreographing a simple routine together for your first dance will make it more memorable (plus there’s less chance of your new husband standing on your foot if he’s had plenty of practice).
  7. Get guests to write personal messages on a piece of card and place them in a bowl in the centre of each table, instead of having a guest book.
  8. You don’t have to decorate your reception with costly flower displays – collect sheaves of corn, pine cones or holly and add some seasonal flair to your day.
  9. During your toasts, ask all of your guests to celebrate love by standing up and kissing the person on either side of them. It’s an icebreaker no one will forget!
  10. Write your own wedding vows (check with the person conducting the ceremony first). It’s the most meaningful way to share your love with everyone.

Thanks Clare…
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