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Bunting at your Dubai wedding? Yes or no?

Today’s hot topic is bunting, not sure what bunting is? Read below for more.. (Thanks wikipedia)
 “Bunting (or bunt) was originally a specific type of lightweight worsted wool fabric generically known as tammy, manufactured from the turn of the 17th century, and used for making ribbons, and flags,  including signal flags for the Royal Navy. Amongst other properties that made the fabric suitable for ribbons and flags was its high glaze, achieved by a process including hot-pressing.”

Before I started my wedding blog I spent hours and hours researching ideas for my own wedding. When I first got engaged I invested in every single wedding magazine sold in Borders, it was exciting to sit and browse through other peoples weddings to find inspiration. It was then that I feel deeply in love with weddings. After a few weeks I turned to the web and discovered a new world of incredible wedding blogs, each blogger so very different but always giving me what I wanted. Ideas & inspiration. I now ♥ blogging.
One thing I have noticed is that bunting has become a English wedding must have. I see lots of weddings decorated with bunting, coloured bunting, lace bunting… all sorts of bunting. (See below for a few examples) Even bunting on cakes. I personally love bunting which is why I bought 25 meters of it and decorated my mums English garden with it for my hen party. If you missed it have a sneak peak here. So what I really want to know is, would you use bunting at your Dubai wedding? Is it glamorous enough for our amazing Dubai venues?

And if you decide that you’re not really into bunting, maybe I can tempt you with a yummy cake with mini bunting???
P.S How amazing does that cake look!
Back later today my lovelies…
Joelle x
Credits from the top… First picture from blogss4fun8086.blogspot.com, white theme wedding from ruffledblog.com, Lace bunting from http://www.etsy.com, followed by a lovely pastel setting from sweetlifealacarte.com, White unting against the wall from 100layercake (amazing blog btw) Follwed by close up of white bunting from thewhitecompany.com, followed by 3 images together from elizabethannedesigns.com, google.co.nz & blogcelebration.co.za ♥ And the last picture of the very lovely looking cake is from lifeworkmediablog.wordpress.com

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