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Charlie… my naughty little Muggin.

Hello hello!
It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned my little pooch but I am back with some more cheeky pics of my little muggin (half pug/ half min pin) Charlie. She’s now 10 months and is defiantly still in puppy mode. For those of you who missed my first few blogs about Charlie you can see them here *click here to see more of Charlie and scroll down*
Anyway, hope you enjoy my little minx and she makes you smile like I do because everyone loves puppies right?
Starting with Charlie posing for the camera – she’s such a diva. 😉
Charlie having a little nap in the sun…
This is code for… ‘please rub my tummy’ lol.
And look at me trying to catch a fly…

And here is the paw trick… in exchange for treats of course 😉

And if I sit down and look all cute I’m pretty sure I’ll get what I want…(that’s what she thinks lol)
OK lovely people I’m done for the day and I’m going to start my weekend. I promise to bring you my bride-to-be’s updates as soon as I can.
signing off now… ♥
Love Joelle x
P.S Once Nathan returns home with the video camera I’m going to upload some video of her.. she is hilarious! xx

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