Cheap & Cheerful Dragon Mart…

Yesterday afternoon I drove over to Dragon Mart on a hunt for a few bits & bobs for my own wedding, and to have a nose around at what might be useful for all you future brides. As I wondered around the maze of shops I discovered a few very cool bag shops. No, not handbags but gift bags. AND they are cheap… I actually got my favors bags from the same place a while ago. They sell gift boxes, favor boxes and a huge variety of gift bags of all sizes.  The bets part is, the more you buy the cheap it is. Perfect for a wedding right?

I then found a store that sells beads & lanterns.
Arabic style lanterns… perfect for a garden party or adding an Arabic twist to your wedding. Adding a few lanterns around your outdoor areas (if you have any) will look stunning at night. Prices range from  AED30 – AED200 for the very large lanterns.

Beads… how about something handmade and personal for all your female wedding guests??
And my fav, the glassware shop. Well, 2 of them actually, located at different ends of the mall. If you’re happy to create your own centerpiece or add your own touch to your wedding decor then buying glassware will save you a lot of money. AND you get to keep them after, or give them away to friends as presents? Small vases range from about AED30 upwards and the more you buy, the better the discount. Love it!

And I didn’t forget… contact details. You’ll need this as it really is a maze. 🙂
Happy shopping my lovelies.. x x
*All photos by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding*

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