Coming to Dubai… AIYA Wedding Photography

AIYA Wedding Photography  is a newly formed wedding photography company originally established in 2006 as DYNAMIC DIGITALS based in London, UK.  AIYA’s style of photography emphasises the personalities of the couples and the love they share as well as grabbing the excitement shown by family and friends. “Our photography has always been different. Contemporary, natural and unobtrusive is what we bring to each wedding. Our main goal is to show you all the different emotions that were captured throughout your special day with a unique documentary style of photography”

AIYA will be out in Dubai very soon… which is very exciting for all of you brides-to-be. As you can see from these stunning pictures, they are nothing but professionals and I really do love a bit of colour!

27 year old wedding photographer Izzy, came out to Dubai and fell in love with the city. He saw a real potential for her style of wedding photography, and hopes to be out in the next few months. I asked Izzy to answer a few questions for me.. and here’s what he said…

1. How long have you been a wedding photographer?  
I’ve been a full time photographer since 2006. I love my job, and everything about it. I feel very lucky to be doing this everyday.
2. Why do you like being a wedding photographer?
Since an early age I loved taking picture. But anyone who is a photographer liked taking picture from the start. With me I liked taking that moment, the emotions, that unique picture that no one else could take in the room. I soon realised with all my experience from an early age and the skills learnt from others then applying my own method I started to capture photos I was very proud of. Also the reactions and amazement from each couple when they viewed their images really gave me a buzz
3.  If you had do anything apart from this, what would it be?
Video, I love telling stories, especially love stories. To do this through a video camera would be my second choice.
All images by Aiya Photography. For more information please email Izzy – izzy@aiyamedia.com – or check out their website.  www.aiyamedia.com. You can also check them out on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/aiyamedia  & www.facebook.com/izzy.qu.1 and I promise you will be the first to know when Izzy is out in Dubai.
Have a lovely morning and I’ll be back later this afternoon. x x x

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