Conti Confetteria opens @ Dubai Marina Mall

Last Friday Nathan and I went to the opening of Conti Confetteria. This very chic cafe has just opened at Dubai Marina Mall, and is very Italian, and very delicious. It’s located on the 1st floor, right in front of the Ted Baker store. It’s going to be my new hangout. Sorry Starbucks!  As usual I got there early, which was a bonus this time as I was encouraged to try all of the canapes and chocolates on display. Of course, I had no problem with this, and nor did Nathan.

If you’re in the area you really must go and check it out, apart from the huge selection of chocolates on offer, they have a menu that offers crossiants, chocolates and of course the usual beverages you’d find in a coffee shop. Conti Confetteria, are new to Dubai, but very well known in Milan and don’t be fooled by these little gems that look like sugar almods, they are actually chocolates, that come in 44 different flavors!
In the coming weeks I’ll be bringing you lots more from Conti Confetteria. Why? Because they create the most beautiful little handmade favors, perfect for a wedding of any size. So watch this space people… I’ll be getting creative with Conti Confetteria!
P.S The picture above is of the chocolates that I took away with me. I ate them for breakfast this morning. No regrets.. they are amazing! ♥

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