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As many of you know I’ve been back and forth from Dubai for the past 15 years. It’s like my 2nd home. Over the past 4 years since i’ve been back I’ve only just managed to find myself a regular and trustworthy hairdresser, a GP, and most importantly a place where I can go to for all my beauty needs. After doing extensive research, for myself and my lovely readers I luckily found Dermalase Clinic on Jumeirah Beach Road. I can say with utter confidence, ( and I won’t go into personal details why- I can’t give away all my secrets) but my experience at Dermalase  has been so positive that I am recommending it to you as I would to my best friend.  Not only did I see one of the best dermatologist in the UAE, but the personal service from every member made all the difference.

Here is some information on their customized bridal packages…
Get Ready To Look Your Radiant Best
You’ve fallen in love and the date is set.  Now it’s time to start planning the process of getting primped and pampered to look your very best on the big day. Dermalase Clinic offers a range of customized bridal packages including hair removal services and skin treatments to add the perfect glow to your grand entrance.
As experts in beauty and anti-aging, a team of specialists administer the latest result oriented procedures using the most advanced equipment and products.

Bridal Hair Removal Package
There are many ways to rid your body of hair, but only a few offer safe and ‘pain free’ permanent solutions.  Try our soft and smooth package that comes with 3 sessions of full-body laser that includes full legs, arms, bikini and underarms.
Beautiful Bride Package
Taking the basic treatments up a notch, this package includes 2 sessions of the combination AFT + AQ Growth Factor treatment for the ideal bride to be. The main benefits of this combination are to stimulate the skin’s collagen production and even out skin tone. When combining AFT, a light therapy designed to stimulate collagen with growth factor technology, the skin is stimulated on a deeper level than with just one therapy.
3 full body laser hair removal sessions will ensure you are in ready get set go position. Lastly 4 Mesotherapy hair rejuvenation treatments that will give you a lustrous and healthy crown.

Ultimate Bride Package                 
For more dramatic results, this comprehensive package includes 2 sessions of the combination AFT +AQ Growth Factor treatment to ensure glowing skin.  1 Pixel +AQ combination treatment to smooth out lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scars. A Cosmelan brightening mask to follow and 3 full body laser hair removal sessions – an offer too tempting to resist.

Create your own Bridal Package
Customize your own bridal package based on your personal needs and enjoy rising discounts.  Contact us for more information.  Also you have the option to invite your friends and family utilizing our new bridal registry. Your Bridal Account allows the people you love to make contributions to your beautiful transformation.
We want to help you look your best and enjoy a radiant complexion on your special day. For more information and prices, visit our clinic located in Jumeirah or call +971 4 349 7880.

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