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Destination weddings – Top tips by Diane

It only recently occurred to me how stressful it might be planning your wedding from a distance. If you live in Dubai, but are planning your wedding in your home country, then I’d expect you will have some help from friends and family. You can combine a wedding trip with a trip home, and ask your parents (or someone you trust) to meet vendors on your behalf.
However, if you’re one of those brides who are wedding on a tropical island of the Seychells, or a private villa in Thailand, or maybe a Chateaux in France… well, good for you. I admire your ambition to plan a wedding in a country neither you or your family live in. The smart thing to do would be to hire a planner. Perhaps an extra cost, but a stress free wedding is priceless.
The reason I bring up this subject today is because of my friend and bride-to-be Amy. She’s planning to marry in the US, all the way from India. Of course, she has me to help her but there is only so much one can do living 1000’s of many miles away.
Destination wedding planner Diane  from Lily of the Valley is here today to share some of her wedding planning tips. As a planner and wedding obsessed newly wed, I value her advice.
Pick the perfect destination…
The destination determines not only the mood of your wedding, but also the travel, time and budget required to make it happen.  See what the city has to offer to your guests from activities to touristic sites and nightlife options.
Choose the right timing…
Typically, the weather in wedding destinations is at its best during high season, when there are more touristic crowds, fewer hotel and venue availabilities, and higher rates. For this reason, you’ll want to book accommodations and venues ASAP. Send out your save the date 8 months in advance so that guests book their flights and hotels before prices skyrocket. If you get married right after peak season, you’ll save yourself and your guests some money and still enjoy great weather.
Grace Hotel Mykonos
Visit your chosen destination before the wedding…
Take at least one planning trip before your wedding. On this trip, you’ll need to scout and secure your key venues, ceremony and reception spaces, hotels for guests and local suppliers such as caterers, florists and photographers.
Add up the travel expenses…
A destination wedding typically cost less than hosting the big day in your home country.  However there are extra expenses you’ll need to consider such as activities for guests and travel costs for you and your family.
Grace Hotel Mykonos
Research local marriage requirements…
Make sure you have all the required notice forms, relevant documents and fees for your destination wedding by getting all the necessary information from governmental institutions. Some countries have a “residency requirement” before the wedding. Although this is usually just a couple of days but it can be longer.
castello_di_torcrescenzaSo there you go my lovelies… I hope that’s been a little useful for anyone planning their wedding abroad. If you’re looking for a wedding planner to help you on your wedding day I suggest giving Diane a call. She’s super sweet, and she has some fab contacts around the globe. Believe it or not, all the venues featured in this blog are places shes been to. She’s a lucky little thing isn’t she! #notjealousonebit 😉
Telephone: +971 55 788 9772  or  +961 3 761 583
Email: info@lilyvalley.co
webiste: www.lilyvalley.co

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