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Dia Saleh… The Fashionable Photographer ♥

A while ago I met with Dia, a photographer who’s first love is fashion and second love is weddings. Dia has over 20 years experience, he’s a man who knows his stuff! He started out in Canada then moved to Jordan and has been working in Dubai for the past few years. This  jet setter spends his time between Jordan and Dubai. Not a bad lifestyle is it 😉
When I met first met Dia, he asked me to meet him at Tim Hortons in Dubai Mall, I thought to myself… Tim Hortons, he must be Canadian. Now that I’ve married a Canadian I know that they love Tim, and are very loyal when it comes to consuming doughnuts, and tea biscuits. (Well, Nathan is anyway). One thing that sets Dia apart from the rest of the photographers I’ve met is his love for fashion, and being an ex fashion student and loyal buyer of VOGUE I can totally see why. I must be honest with you, I rarely read the articles in VOGUE, I usually skim over them, but rarely do I read a full story. I buy it for their amazing fashion shoots. I love styling and, I admire anyone who can create something so beautiful with clothes, accessories and of course models. It’s so different from traditional wedding photography, but put the combination together and it’s amazing what you can get.

For more information on Dia and his wedding packages drop him an email at salehdia@gmail.com and check out his website www.diaasalehphotography.com for more fab photos!
Back later today with more from my own wedding…
Joelle x

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