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Did you know the week before your wedding is going to be stressful?

I’m writing this while I’m sat waiting for the Chinese Consulate to open. (That was at 8.30am this morning) I arrived at 7.55 to join a line of 100 other UAE residents applying for a China Visa. (I’m going to Shanghai with Nathan for a few days next week, sort of tagging along on a business trip)
While sitting here it got me thinking about the stress of planning a honeymoon on top of planning a wedding. If you’re in the final stages of wedding planning , I would imagine that taking a morning off work to sit at the embassy to apply for a visa is the last thing you want to do. (even if it is for your honeymoon)  I would advise you to avoid this or hire someone like Petra at Travel Counsellors aka The Honeymoon Planner to help you plan your trip. You may not realise it now but  the stress levels will rise and the week prior to your big day will most likely involve; airport picks ups, entertaining guests, family lunches and last minute errands.  Trying to find a few spare hours to relax, get your nails done and visit the spa has now become a chore… but a very nice chore.
I have my last wedding this weekend and after working on a whopping 7 weddings over the past few months I’ve noticed a pattern. No matter how hard you try to plan, you cannot prepare yourself for the last minute requests or errands. The seating plan for example is a classic. Until you know the final number of guests attending your wedding you cannot print the seating plan, confirm the number of chairs or in some cases, tables and therefore you cannot confirm the number of wedding favors. *Note to guests – if you can RSVP early then please do so. If you’re one of those people that leaves everything to the last minute and thinks it’s OK to text the bride and a few days before the big day to confirm, it’s not.
Simon Charlton Photo by Simon Charlton.
Here are a few tips to help you manage your wedding week.

  • One easy way to decrease your stress load is to over order on chairs and favors, even if it’s just a few pieces but for most couples every Dirham counts so why waste money on something you don’t need. It is an option though.
  • If you do have guests coming into town and don’t have time to play tour guide then try making a guide for them. Include telephone numbers, fun activities such as a desert safari or visit one of the worlds largest.. aka Dubai Mall and  Burj Khalifa.
  • Book one day off for YOU. The excitement of  family and friends arriving in Dubai will obviously be a joyful occasion but when you have airport pick ups at 3am and coffee catch ups with old friends it can get a little much… from previous conversations will brides, it’s no so much the entertaining that is exhausting, it’s the running around. So booking one day for you in-between all the excitement will probably do you some good.
  • Make sure you sleep! No one likes a tired bride or a grumpy bride for that matter.
  • Hire a stylist like me, or a planner to help you on your wedding journey! I’ll be sharing a blog soon bout the pros and cons of hiring a planner in the next week or so. Hopefully it will be a useful and interesting read.

OK lovelies, I must dash as I have more errands to run. Have a wonderful afternoon and I’ll be back tomorrow with more wedding loveliness.

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