Dinner decor & a few ideas…

Good morning my lovelies…

OK so later today I’m hosting a farewell dinner for my Dad. Believe it or not my Dad has lived in Dubai for 15 years and he’s now making the big move to his new home in Perth, Western Australia. My Step Mum and little brother Kiran moved back in January however because of work commitments my Dad had to stay a little while longer. But now the time has come to say bye bye 🙁 To be honest it’s going to be very strange not having him around, since I was 12 I’ve been coming back and forth to this city and I will always assosiate my Dad and Dubai together. I guess he’ll be back in 4 months for our wedding so it’s not the final ending just yet.

Anyway, so tonight I’m going to be cooking dinner for my Dad, my lovely fiancé, my step Cousin and his girlfriend. I’m setting the table for 5 and trying to be creative as I can. I spent 20AED on flowers earlier and came up with a few ideas…

What do you think? For only 20AED I think I did pretty well? I’ll post some photos of my  desserts and main course tomorrow! still need to pick a menu.. eeek!  Lol.. off to the supermarket now 🙂

P.S I’m dedicating my table setting skills to my Step Mum Tarini, she’s a real foodie (used to be a F&B manager) and would be very proud of my use of napkins… hehe)

Back later. Mwah xxx

*All photos by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding



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