DIY Festive Wreaths (Because I love Christmas)

So it’s December and I LOVE Christmas. The hotels have decked out their lobby’s with over-sized trees and lavish amounts of decorations, which seems to put everyone in a festive mood for the holidays. I realise not everyone celebrates Christmas but you have to appreciate the decor… come on, large trees decorated in lights and shiny balls? Love it!
This year I had a bright idea to buy some simple green wreaths and decorate them at home. I also went a bit Christmas mad and decorated my kitchen with real tree branches and fairy lights. I also spent nearly three hours wrapping my staircase with green garlands, spraying them with snow spray and then added fairy lights. Yep.. I’ve gone Christmas crazy! I’ll be posting some pictures on Christmas day… Anyway… back to my DIY festive wreaths…
Here’s how I did it in pictures.

So basically, take your wreath and decorate with with pretty decorations. Add some snow for a festive feel and a touch of glitter and BOOM you’re done. Just check the pictures… it’s pretty easy 😉

Things you need.

  • Simple Green Wreaths – You can buy real wreaths in Satwa around the plant shops, they are around AED 75 for one and smell amazing! I did see some plain green wreaths in early December at Ace and other various shops in Dubai but I have a feeling they will all be sold by now.
  • Spray Glue or a glue gun– You can buy these from any good craft stores. Just be creful when using your glue gun, they get hot! (I know, I have had a few fights with mine and nearly nearly glued my fingers to the table.
  • Fern Cones – You can find these in most good craft stores and I also saw some in Ace last week.
  • Gold or silver glittery dried flowers from West Elm at Dubai Mall.  They are at the front of the store in bunches are are about AED 55 a bunch.
  • Spray Snow – I got mine from Creative Minds in Al Barsha.
  • Left over decorations – Enough said.

Images by Joelle (On my Iphone.. just FYI)

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