It’s been a while since I posted a DIY blog… and I’m sorry. I know you all love a bit of ‘DIY inspiration’, I mean, who doesn’t?
These pretty hangers were made for my bride Ola. She got married on the 20th April, and I made them for her 5 bridesmaids. Despite being a tad messy, well.. glittery messy (which is never a bad thing) I imagine they looked so pretty against the light gold bridesmaid dresses. Hopefully my lovely bride took some photos which I can share with you later.
DIY Glittery hangers
What you need…
Wood hangers – Ikea is probably the best place to find cheap and cheerful wood hangers
Glue – I used a glue stick which worked well.
Glitter – Most of the craft shops sell little pots of glitter, however if you’re looking for cheap buy.. try Satwa. I just discovered that crafty fabric shops sell gold glitter… and it’s much cheaper too. Yay!
Paper or newspaper – you need something to catch the glitter, so you don’t waste it.

DIY Glittery hangers DIY Glittery hangers DIY Glittery hangers DIY Glittery hangers DIY Glittery hangers Back tomorrow my lovelies…

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