Fancy keeping your hands busy while watching TV, sitting on a bus, or generally wasting time making something cute and fluffy? Here’s my step by step guide to making a pom pom. BTW it takes a little longer than I expected, but its so easy that you should give it a go. ♥
How to make a pom pom…

What you need…
* Wool… I got mine from Satwa for AED5 a bundle)

* Scissors… everyone has scissors?!

* Card… check the office 😉

cut circles from card with holes in the center; so it’s like a ring shape
then take your wool & tie it around both circles
wrap the wool around the card until you have a thick covering
after a while it should look like this.(yes, it takes a while)

with scissors, cut the wool open but keep it together
then add an extra piece of wool between the card, pull tight & knot together
cut the card away from the wool
and here you have a pom pom 🙂
*All images by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding*
And here’s what you could do with a pom pom…. (how cute is the cake?)
Credits;Pom pom decor; blog.luulla.com, pom pom decor outside; honestlywtf.com, pom pom cake; blog.luulla.com

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