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Hello hello!
I hope you’re not too fed up of my DIY yet? Don’t worry I’ll be done with my wedding in a few weeks 😉 Well, either way I have a few pictures to share of my home made seating plan. It’s all very crafty 😉
A long time a go I posted a blog about my homemade invitations (click here if you missed it) and now that I’ve got all of my RSVP photos I’m putting each piece together. Oh, and for those of you naughty guests who didn’t send me a picture I’ve taken one from Facebook. Ha!
Step 1. The photos…
I’ve printed each photo out in a square and then I used white card to mount it. I did try to print them like Polaroid pictures but the printing shop just struggled with the idea, so we used card instead. They did let me use their guillotine though and I cut the white card while I was waiting, it’s so much easier and cleaner to do that instead of using scissors. A few of the other customers gave me some funny looks lol.

Step 2. Stamping names…
I’ve now started stamping each name onto the card. Yep, this is time consuming but totally worth it. Oh, and my dog Charlie ate my ‘H’ letter so I’m now making my own, you can sort of tell form the ‘H’ in Rachel. Sorry Rachy!

Step 3. I made tags for the table numbers. I did this using some extra fabric and lace, and I just covered a square piece of card. I then glued the back together and added a cream coloured luggage tag and stamped out the table number. I’m sure it will all make more sense when I share part 2 with you after the weekend. (I need to make the frame for the blackboard, and then I’m done.. yay!)

Have a lovely weekend… back later with FRIDAY BEST BITS.
Big wedding hugs,
Joelle x x x
All photos by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding.

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