DJ Sister Rock – Our very own superstar DJ based in Dubai!

With wedding season just around the corner I know that many brides-to-be will be getting into planning mode and finalising music, entertainment and last minute details such as table plans and guests lists. It’s a stressful time and it can be overwhelming, but I promise you it’s normal to feel a little stressed and it won’t last long. Once all the big things are booked up and ready to go, all the little things just fall into place.
So music… if that’s still on you’re to-do list then maybe you’ll like my introduction to Ananda aka DJ Sister Rock.
DJ Lego
Whats the best bit about your job?
Making people happy. There is nothing better than creating an electric atmosphere, when people are singing and dancing.
What’s your favorite song/ album of all time?
That’s a hard one. I do like ‘Hey’ by the Pixies and I also like ambient music like Biosphere by Substrata.
How long have you been a super star DJ?
I’ve been a DJ for nearly a decade.
Whats the coolest first dance song you’ve played at a wedding?
Ah, well, music’s subjective. It’s hard to remember all the first dance songs, as it’s the couple’s big day. Obviously, the classic Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight is beautiful. One of the most interesting weddings, was one where the couple didn’t choose one and came over and listened to my suggestions through my headphones while I was DJing for them!
How many weddings have you played at in Dubai over the last year?
I have to turn a lot of weddings down, as I generally need to be booked 6-12 months in advance. I take wedding bookings in between my residency contracts, so I popular. I probably DJ at about 6-10 weddings a year. Weddings take a lot of preparation and by not taking too many bookings, I keep my service to a high standard.
So ladies and gents, if you’re looking for a DJ I highly recommend the lovely and very cool DJ Sister Rock. But you’ve been warned… she books up quick so get in touch soon!
Contact info you need to know…
Telephone: 050 296 0503
Email: ananda.shakespeare@live.com
Website: http://sisterrock.co.uk/
Image Credits: Flickr & Lego
Happy planning my lovelies!

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