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Today I would like to use this opportunity to reach out to my readers and talk briefly about the disaster in Nepal. I’ve never used my blog in this way, but yesterday one of my friends on Facebook shared a link by Inder; the owner of The Attic, a local furniture company based in Al Badaa, Satwa. Since we are neighbours I thought It was only right that I call and offer to help after reading his message.
The Attic
As I watched the news last night, I witnessed many of the places that Nathan and I visited no longer exist.  When Nathan was much younger he climbed to Everest Base Camp twice, and from the first day we met he told me how much he loved Nepal and the Nepalese people. So in 2011 we visited Nepal together, and it was an amazing trip. I feel blessed that I had the chance to see and experience Katmandu before this terrible earthquake hit last Saturday.
Help Nepal Help Nepal Help Nepal
A few pictures from our trip back in 2011.
So along with Inder I will be collecting the following items to drop at The Nepalese Embassy this weekend.
– Dried fruits & nuts, tents and blankets.
If you can’t drop these items off at my house in Satwa, I can meet you in Dubai on Thursday. I’ve cleared my morning to help pick up donations from around the city. If you would like to donate please text or call me on 055 1304916 or contact Inder directly on 050 7027116. 
Thanks so much.

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