Don't forget the little people… ♥

Hello lovelies,
Today I wanted I’d give a shout out to my gorgeous little brother Kiran, just because I miss him dearly. Kiran was born in Dubai and lived here for the first 9 years of his life. He has spent the last year in Perth, Western Australia and will be 10 next month. (It makes me feel old)  I remember when I told Kiran I was getting married, he was so excited, and the first thing he said was “YES.. I’m getting a big brother”.  It was hilarious, but so sweet. He adores Nathan.
So as my role as big sister, I knew it was important to include him in our wedding, and give him a special role. Something that he could be proud of. I knew if I didn’t do that he would be rather bored, and maybe wonder off during the ceremony… he’s a 9 year old, it’s to be expected. He was officially the ring bearer/ page boy. We gave him the big responsibility of carrying our rings down the aisle and handing them over during the ceremony.

He did an amazing job, and at one point stole the limelight from me, the bride… ya know, the girl in the white dress. But to be honest I was expecting it, just because he looked so cute.  He wore his trousers turned up with Converse, and brother of the bride socks. My step mum and I took his for a hair cut a few days before the wedding and he left we with a mohawk. He looked awesome!

Apart from Kiran and my 13 year old cousin Abbie we didn’t have any other kids at the wedding which made it even more important to make the kids feel special. (and not bored)  So like me, if you do have a few small people in your wedding party, it’s important to make them feel important, give them roles, or a job and keep them busy.

Here are my tips on keeping the little ones happy…
Feed them – make sure they don’t go hungry. From experience hungry kids are a little grumpy. 
Keep them entertained – give them tasks, and make them feel useful.  
Bring an extra camera – Giving them the task of taking photos not only gives you more photography options for your wedding album, but it will keep them busy too.  Did you see my blog about the lego? If not check it out… you can see more of Kiran’s awesome photography here * Weddings & Kids* I also go into more ideas on how to keep the little ones entertained. It’s a good read 😉

So there you go, you’ve witnessed my little brother in action, and isn’t he cute? This one is for you bro…. Love your big sister JoJo xxx
*All photography by Simon Charlton

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