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Dubai LOVE. Photography by ItSoura ♥

Hello it’s me again.. the wedding blogger!
I’m back today with a lovely engagement shoot by ItSoura. I introduced you to them a few days ago when I posted *Introducing Dubai Photographers – ItSoura*
Canadian couple Christian and Niki spent a full day in Dubai posing for the camera. I’m quite impressed they braved the heat… They posed for the camera in various locations around Dubai including the Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah open beach and the creek in Deira.

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All photography is by www.itsoura.com for more beautiful photos please check out their website. Oh, and for pricing please contact Sunshine by email at info@itsoura.com
Back later with my holiday snaps that I was planning to post yesterday. Sorry it’s late but had a rather busy afternoon 🙂
Laters my lovelies x

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