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Hello Lovelies,
I’m starting the week off with some video magic by Blue Eye Picture. I often feature their wedding photography, but today it’s all about the video.
One question I get asked a lot is, ‘Do you think it’s worth hiring a videographer for your wedding?’ The answer is YES. It’s totally worth it. There is nothing more magical than watching your wedding day back on film. You’re so busy being a bride that you might not remember everything from the big day. Having a video is the perfect back up… and it’s something you can keep forever.
If you’re not an arty type you might not realise the efforts and skills that go into making a video. The editing, the music, the timing.. it really is a big effort and that’s exactly why videographers in Dubai sometimes charge so much. If you didn’t know Blue Eye Picture charge around AED 14-16k for both photography and videography. #awesome!
The music is one of the most important factors. It’s what gives us that feeling of emotion, and brings the sound and motion together. It can make the difference of having an amazing and a REALLY amazing film.
Blue Eye Picture have created a website only for their wedding videography in Dubai, they have a huge collection, and if you have time you should have a browse through their wedding films.

Video Credit:  http://videographerdubai.ae
This video is from one of the brides I featured a while ago. The film is shot in black & white, and the music was selected by Gregory himself. It’s the music that really gets me… it’s so emotional. I think that’s why I always get teary eyes when I see wedding films. (Or maybe I’m just soppy?)
If you’d like more info on videography by Blue Eye Picture and their wedding video prices please contact office@blueeyepicture.com ♥

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