Elegant Country Wedding Inspiration

Hello lovely readers…
This is your bride-to-be checking in. I was recently back in Dubai for a couple of weeks which meant I got to have quality time with my best friend and favourite wedding stylist Joelle! Could a girl be any happier?
As my fellow brides might agree, it’s very easy to find yourself caught up in the excitement of all the wedding details as opposed to the big stuff. For example, I know what I want as the late-night snack for my guests but I’m not even close to finding a venue or a date – whoops! But that’s the fun stuff right? In any case, we’re still in the process of narrowing down our venue choices so we can check them out for ourselves when we get the chance to visit the States early next year.
So speaking of details, I’ve been tirelessly trawling through Pintrest and putting together some moodboards for the look and feel I want for my…um our…wedding which brings me on today’s topic – inspiration for an elegant hoedown-esque American country wedding. Hmm yes it might be a bit of paradox, even my Mum said I don’t think the words ‘elegant’ and ‘hoedown’ go together but I am sure with the proper planning  – and more importantly the right styling 😉 – we’ll be able to pull it off.
I have a few ideas in mind already. Just off the top of my head here’s a few of

  • I really want a photo of my bridesmaids in cowgirl boots as Patrick and his groomsmen will be wearing Scottish kilts so it’ll like we’re swapping our cultures!
  • I would like to decorate the tailgate of a classic American pick up truck for an photo opportunity with Patrick and I and it could also double up as a photo booth later on for our guests. This would be relatively inexpensive too as we could borrow one of our friend’s trucks.
  • I am thinking about a gourmet Southern BBQ feel for the food as this is Patrick’s absolute favourite food. It’s also food that lends itself well to sharing so guests could pick a main dish and we could do all kinds of yummy sides such as cornbread,  mashed potatoes, macaroni cheese, collared greens and more. Mmmm I’m getting hungry now!

Well that’s enough rambling from me, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking so you can see what’s in my head. What do you guys think?
2014-11-06_0004Inspiration Photography credits…Image 1; Pintrest Image 2; inspiredbythis.com Image 3; southernweddings.com Image 4; pintrestH1jKd.tumblr.com Image 5; rusticweddingchic.com Image 6; weddingchicks.com Image 7; donaephotography.blogspot.com Image 8; stylemepretty.com Image 9; girlinthelittleredkitchen.com Image 10; Pintrest Image 11; everything-about-wedding-decorations.com
Joelle here now… Awhhh isn’t she just lovely. I really can’t wait for Amy’s wedding, I know it’s not for a while but the decor and the ideas she has just gets all me all excited. (I’m sure by now you all know that rustic is more than thing ;-)) Hehe… anyway, I’ve got to get back to organising my office. I got home from a wedding early this morning and i’m only half way through cleaning and unpacking. Styling weddings is pretty hard work ya know. 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow… bye bye for now!

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