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Engagement loveliness by Rebecca Rees…

Good afternoon Lovelies,
I met Rebecca Rees over the summer and even though I haven’t officially introduce you to her I wanted to share this engagement shoot with you today. It’s so blooming pretty, and despite what you may think it was shot in Dubai. (If you scroll down you will understand why I mention this now) The couple, the location, the lighting…. everything about this shoot is perfection. I love love love it! Rebecca also filled me in with a bit about the couple, which makes a really nice read for a Wednesday afternoon. 🙂
Evans + Belal 024
And over to Rebecca… “Before the shoot, I met up with Evans and Belal over a homemade lemonade and instantly knew they were going to look great in front of the camera. After a few emails back and forth about the location of the shoot (Evans admitted they find decision making hard because they’re both Libras!) we eventually decided on a beach shoot at sundown. I’m used to running or sometimes crawling through sand to get the right shot, but my hat goes off to them for having more than enough energy to run and jump around on such a humid day. It’s probably down to the fact they’re both fitness fanatics and luckily for me, totally at ease with the camera.”
Evans + Belal 001
Where did you meet your fiancé?
We met in Dubai, through common friends (the usual here 🙂
Evans + Belal 002
How long have you been together?
We have been together since January 2011, so 3,5 years.
Evans + Belal 003
Where are you both from originally?
I am from Holland, and my fiancé is from Syria/Saudi Arabia (but lived his whole life in Dubai almost)
Evans + Belal 004
Where did your proposal happen and how?
He proposed me on our holiday in Zanzibar, it was one day before the New Year. He arranged a beautiful set up for dinner on the beach and had arranged for a singer while having our starter and during the proposal there were 2 saxophone players. It was incredible romantic and he really put a lot of effort in it.
Evans + Belal 005Evans + Belal 006Evans + Belal 007
Where and when do you plan to get married?
We have been looking at many venues near marina and on the palm. Our preference is Waldorf Astoria but our wedding planner is just finalizing the cost etc. since this will be their first wedding (it is a new hotel).
Evans + Belal 008Evans + Belal 009Evans + Belal 010
What is your idea of a perfect day with your fiancé?
Waking up on a Friday morning and cuddling in the bed with our lovely cat (fluff) then we go to the gym early morning, make breakfast together when we get home and tan at our pool and / or garden. In the evening we like to go for dinner with friends or have a BBQ in our garden if the weather is fine.
Evans + Belal 011 Evans + Belal 012 Evans + Belal 013 Evans + Belal 014 Evans + Belal 015 Evans + Belal 016 Evans + Belal 017 Evans + Belal 018 Evans + Belal 019 Evans + Belal 020 Evans + Belal 021 Evans + Belal 022 Evans + Belal 023
Evans + Belal 025 Evans + Belal 026 Evans + Belal 027 Evans + Belal 028 Evans + Belal 029 Evans + Belal 030 Evans + Belal 031 Evans + Belal 032 Evans + Belal 033 Evans + Belal 034 Evans + Belal 035 Evans + Belal 036 Evans + Belal 037 Evans + Belal 038 Evans + Belal 039 Evans + Belal 040 Evans + Belal 041 Evans + Belal 042 Evans + Belal 043 Evans + Belal 044 Evans + Belal 045 Evans + Belal 046 Evans + Belal 047 Evans + Belal 048 Evans + Belal 049 Evans + Belal 050 Evans + Belal 051 Evans + Belal 052 Evans + Belal 053 Evans + Belal 054 Evans + Belal 055 Evans + Belal 056 Evans + Belal 057 Evans + Belal 058 Evans + Belal 059 Evans + Belal 060 Evans + Belal 061 Evans + Belal 062 Evans + Belal 063 Evans + Belal 064 Evans + Belal 065 Evans + Belal 066
If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the UAE please head on over to Rebecca’s very cool website for more pretty pictures. More coming from this fabulous photographer very soon!!
Website: http://www.athinglikethatphotography.com/

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