Entwined in the Yarn of Love!

It’s Saturday, and today I’m posting a lovely little write up by my favorite guest blogger… Leena. If you’re getting married, and looking fora ring cushion for your ceremony… look no further 🙂
Being an artist has many moods, many avenues, finding your passion within that frame is where the real creative energy lies. I have know Nadia Habib for many years, but only recently seen where her natural eloquent style has found its niche:) No wedding can possibly be complete, without one of her unbelievably original and exquisite ring bearer cushions! Make your promise of love even sweeter:))
Ring cushions - Vintage Bloom
Nestled deep in the smooth folds of silks and satins, long ribbon trails charmingly entwined with romantic flair through the two bands of molten gold or cool platinum, encrusted with diamonds and engraved with love notes:) At the brink of promised eternal bliss, poised to be the focal point of the wedding and change two lives forever! Dramatic:) but so fitting a description for the ring bearer cushions, that add a beautifully expressed sentiment of tradition to any wedding ceremony. A bespoke pleasure that can become a family heirloom, initial it in 24 carat gold thread, perhaps a dainty orchid with each petal sparked to perfect symmetry with swarovski crystals……..my personal favorite from her collection has to be the rustic edged jute cushion made into a luxury statement with pearls and swarovski crystals:) I love the way she uses the appeal of absolute opposite beauty! Raw and unfinished against jewel bright and universally sophisticated.
Ring cushions - Vintage Bloom
Its a unique talent for coming up with adorable beauties, that send us in raptures of appreciation:) brides can customize to their wedding themes, handcrafted to the finest detail order well in advance as it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to make one of these pretty baubles:)) Its no wonder the collection is called Craftylil ‘things! Available exclusively from our favorite florist in town Vintage Bloom or call Nadia on 050-5535337
Thanks to the lovely Leena Khaliq Afridi @ The Creative Workshop for this fabulous little write up.

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