Finding my wedding shoes…

Hello people,
Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine? Well at least from the window?! 🙂
I’m currently having a debate with myself over my wedding shoes. As you may know I found my wedding dress back in May when I went home for my best friends wedding. It’s vintage and just lovely. I’m going to try and not give too much away but, because of the style of my dress you can see my shoes, as in all of my shoes including my ankle. So therefore they have to be absolutely perfect and of course match my dress.
I started the search this week with a trip to Mall of the Emirates with my good friend Clare. After work we wondered the shops in the fashion dome and eventually ended up in Harvey Nichols. I found the most beautiful pair from Manolo Blahnik, in fact I found several pairs of very beautiful shoes but I’m still not sure if they will fit with my dress.  (It’s actually trickier than I first expected lol)

How gorgeous are these???

This pair of Manolo’s are actually my fav… LOVE.
I also went into Christian Louboutin between you and I it was my first time in the MOE shop and I felt quite out of my depth. I’m a great lover of shoes but I don’t own a pair of Louboutin’s, probably because of the price factor. So I tried a few on and decided these babies were not for me. Although you are very pretty and sparkly!

They’re quite fancy aren’t they?!
Anyway, so I’m still on the hunt for the perfect shoe and when I find I’ll let you know. My next stop is Dubai mall.. maybe I’ll be luckier there. ♥
P.S Girls… please feel free to email me any suggestions you have to help me find my perfect pair of wedding shoes. 🙂
P.P.S more wedding updates to come very soon! xx

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