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Five reasons why I love Vintage Bloom.

On April 7th I have my very last wedding of the season. I won’t actually be there but I have been working with the bride in preparation for her wedding day. I met Louise last May and really didn’t want to give up the chance to style her wedding, so we got organised early, and on the day the talented girls at Lavender Blue will take over and make sure everything goes where it should. With great suppliers on board, I’m confident that it will be done without a hitch. My friend Mona will also be there on my behalf to help with styling. 🙂 So, back to today’s blog… I really wanted to give the girls at Vintage Bloom a shout out, and I thought what better way than to keep the blog simple and list my 5 reasons why I love them so much. So, here it goes!

Photography by Maria Sundin. 
Five Reasons why I love Vintage Bloom 
1. From day one they have been nothing but supportive with my blog, inf act they were one of my first vendors and are still with me today.
2. The Vintage Bloom team are awesome. I know first hand how talented the VB team are. I’ve worked with them so many times, so I can honestly say that are awesome!. They are also a pleasure to work with, no fuss, no stress… and they are always on time.
3. I love Hana and Nada. Nada is the owner of VB, and Hana is her side kick. They are both creative, passionate and you can tell they love what they do.
4. I love flowers. Obviously, I love flowers but I really love they way VB create stunning and creative arrangements, and yet so effortlessly.
5. They are good to my brides. They will always go above and beyond to make a bride happy, and like me they will work hard to make it happen.
OK my Vintage Bloom rant is over. 🙂
Visit http://www.vintage-bloom.com for pretty pictures and more information. You can also email info@vintage-bloom.com or nada@vintage-bloom.com with floral enquiries for your UAE wedding.

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