Floral inspiration – Beautiful Orchids ♥

Orchids are one of my favorite flowers. No matter what colour they are, they always look so beautiful. I recently went to Singapore and  while we were there, we visited the  Singapore Botanic Gardens.  It was amazing, so green and lush, and a little humid… but totally worth it for the green experience.  My favorite bit was the Orchid garden. I had no idea there were so many different types of Orchids, and colours too.
So to brighten up your Monday afternoon I’ve put together Orchid inspiration for you… and I think you will like it. ♥

I love idea of using Orchids flowers as a centerpiece, and being able to take it home after the wedding day. It would also make for a very lovely gift for the wedding party. That’s if you don’t cut the roots off. You can buy Orchids in most good flower shops around Dubai, and I’ve even seen them for sale in Waitrose too.

Credits; White Orchid; Pinterest  2 Orchids in 1 pot;  onewed.com Orchids w/ glass vase;  Pinterest Orchid in glass bottle; Pinterest Orchid bouquet; Green bouquet; bouquetbridal.blogspot.com Purple Orchid; Pinterest Orchid w/ glitter square vase;  Pinterest  Last picture; wfands.com
I will post some pictures of my trip to the Orchid garden on Instagram later today.  (Instagram/joellemlw).  Just in case you’re interested. 😉
Back soon x

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