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Flowers girls & pretty dresses…

Hello my lovelies,
So today’s post is about flower girls, well to be exact my flower girl. My 12 year old cousin Abbie is going to be my flower girl (Little bridesmaid?) at my wedding in January and I’m still pondering about the style, fabric and even colour of the dress. By now most brides would have chosen their colour scheme and picked out at least a style of the dress they want. I’m not so organised in this respect. Let me explain why, my sister Nicole is my maid of honor  and is absolutely gorgeous in every single way, but she is covered in tattoos. (1 half sleeve, a full sleeve and a chest piece.. yes, quite punk indeed) I personally don’t mind if they are on show a little bit, but it does mean that we need a dress with length in the sleeves and a highish neck line. As you can imagine this may prove a little tricky as the majority of bridesmaid dresses you see are sleeveless.
While I was in London getting my wedding dress in May we had a wonder around the shops on Oxford street and ruled out several colours and styles… Pink, light pink, cream, white and basically anything too light. Also, nothing too ‘pretty’ or ‘girlie’ and nothing too delicate with lace. We came to the conclusion that a 1950s style dress with a little volume may be just the thing. (Still to be made… eeek) However I am not very traditional in the sense that I want everything to match and be colour coordinated which leaves me still wondering what to dress I should get for Abbie.
For inspiration I started with Pinterest, Google and other various websites. So here’s a few of my chosen favorites, however still I’m feeling very undecided. Oh and the baby pic is just for fun.. because she is soooo cute. 🙂

Credits;From top.. baby girl with bow; pinterest4women.com, close up of flower girl; greenweddingshoes.com, 2 flower girls together; stylemepretty.com, close up of dress vwith flower girls; greenweddingshoes.com flower girl with halo; etsy.com, last picture; pinterest user.

While I was writing this blog I popped out to do a little research and found myself in Monsoon. To be honest I’m not really a monsoon kinda gal but the dresses for kids are amazing. If you want something cute, pretty and affordable then I think monsoon could be a winner. I managed to find a few of the dresses online… sooo cute and they range from age 3 -13 years. Perfect!!!

* All dress images from Monsoon.*

I also found Smitten at Dubai Marina Mall to stock some really pretty dresses. Smitten haven’t been open that long at Marina Mall but seem to be doing very well and their shop window is always very pretty and of course very girlie… so if you’re down that way drop by and have a wonder. 🙂

Anyway folks I’ll keep you posted on my journey to finding the perfect dress for my flower girl Abbie… I have a feeling Monsoon might be just the thing and it’s on budget too. Yay!

Back later…

Love Joelle x x

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