For my Aunty Sue ♥

Because we are coming to the end of breast cancer awareness month, I’m dedicating my blog to my wonderful Aunty Sue.
About four months ago, she left Dubai with my Uncle Peter and younger Cousin Abbie, after a roller coaster of unfortunate events. I won’t go into details, but lets just say luck was not on their side.
Three months later she discovered she had breast cancer. It broke my heart.
It was a Tuesday when she found out, and only hours later she text me to tell me the news. It was rather shocking reading a text that said.. “I have something to tell you. I have breast cancer”. I suddenly got a sinking feeling in my stomach and called her immediately. I sobbed and sobbed while trying to take everything in. It was a sad day.
Within the space of three weeks, she was diagnosed and operated on. I know lots of Brits slam the NHS (National Health Service) for various reasons but in this case, we can’t praise them enough.
Last week (about 10 days after her op) she found out she will be having 18 weeks of chemotherapy, and as a result she will loose her hair. To be honest I don’t fully understand the whole process, and it saddens me that I can’t be there to hold her hand. She’s a very brave lady, and like so many women around the world she is a fighter. She will be fine, she has to be.
A DRAWING FOR HER MUM Artist – Abbie Vosper – Age 13.
Abbie’s contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness month was this incredible drawing. She’s amazing at art and has created a masterpiece. I envy her talents and creativity.
So today, this blog goes out to my brave and wonderful Aunty Sue, and the close family around her… especially my Cousin Abbie and my Uncle Peter.
If you would like more info on breast cancer please visit the following websites.
Back tomorrow my lovelies xx

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