Did you enjoy the photos of Charlie earlier? Awh, she’s a sweetie. Anyway, here’s the usual weekly roundup. I hope you all had a lovely week, and got spoilt by your loved ones yesterday. ♥
If you missed anything this week… then just click on the links, it’s very simple.
♥A little post about my little muggin Charlie  *click here*
♥ Farage Paris  *click here*
♥ Happy Valentines Day  *click here*
♥ 5 reasons why you should go green… *click here*
♥ My DIY favor bags *click here*
♥ Coming to Dubai – Aiya Wedding Photography *click here*
♥ Dani’s proposal story *click here*
♥ Conti Confetteria opens at Dubai Mall *click here*
♥ Be creative & save the date *click here*
♥ Married? This is an article for thought *click here*
Have a brilliant weekend out in the sun. Back tomorrow as usual…
Love Joelle xx
P.S Big happy birthday shout out to my gorgeous sister Nicole in the UK. Love you lots!!! x

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