Happy Friday people! Hope you’ve all had a lovely week?
Brides-to-be.. if you’re getting married in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE I want to hear from you. No matter how big or small your wedding is, please get in touch. My email is ♥ Can’t wait to hear from you!
Anyway, have a great weekend! Here’s the usual weekly roundup….
♥ Baking makes my husband happy.  *click here*
♥  Elizabeth Andres & Business Branding  *click here*
♥ Elizabeth Andres & Wedding Branding *click here*
♥ Happy Couples by Blue Eye Picture  *click here*
♥ NEW wedding venue – Shangri-La Abu Dhabi *click here*
♥ Black & White print wedding inspiration *click here*
♥ Videography by Blue Eye Picture *click here*
♥ The first dance and all that jazz *click here*
Back tomorrow as usual…
Love Joelle x x

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