Hey everyone…
Guess where I am? I’m in sunny England. Nathan and I have made the trip over to see my family for a week. I’m currently blogging from the Shropshire hills, where my Grandparents live. I’m feeling a little tired, but that maybe due to a full day of traveling yesterday.  Anyway, I’m on vacation and in a great mood.. and it’s soooo sunny!
I’ve just realised that the last week was not so ‘busy’ on the blog… sorry. I promise to make up for it after all the traveling.
Anyway, in case you did miss anything… here’s my usual weekly roundup.
♥ What to ask when booking your wedding venue   *click here*
♥  My Dads speech as ‘Father of the Bride’   *click here*
♥ Ju Redondo’s playful bridal shoot  *click here*
♥ Make me pretty with make-up artist Victoria *click here*
♥ Quick update from the blogger  *click here*
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Love Mrs C x

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