It’s Friday again and here’s the usual weekly roundup. I hope you’ve all had a fab week. I’m off to look for furniture for our new TV room. Now that our guests are gone and we are not expecting any for a while we’ve decided to make our 2nd bedroom into a TV room/ man cave. Guess who’s idea that was?? My husbands!! He he! ♥
If you missed anything… then just click on the links, oh so simple!
♥ The BRIDE show Abu Dhabi   *click here*
♥ My Wedding Day… *click here*
♥ Thank you cards – Make it personal! *click here*
♥ Lovely Lucy got it all on film… *click here*
♥ Dia Saleh – The Fashionable Photographer  *click here*
♥ My Lovely Photo Booth Part 2  *click here*
♥ My Lovely Photo Booth Part 1 *click here*
♥ Our lovely wedding photos  *click here
Have a wonderful weekend!
Big wedding love,
Joelle xx

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