Good afternoon from Dubai!
Guess who’s in the press this month? 🙂 If your able to get yourself a copy of this the latest OK Middle East magazine, then do it. I’m in there! I went in for the shoot a few weeks ago and since then I’ve dyed my hair back to dark brown.. so it feels a bit weird seeing myself with lighter hair. lol. But can’t go wrong with a bit of good press right.. my PR friend Amy would be proud.
OK Middle East PressThis weekend is going to be a busy one. My Mum arrived from the UK last night, and she’s here with my step Dad for four days and then she goes to Nepal for 10 days. She’s bit of a hippy at heart, so Nepal is just her thing. 🙂 I’ve been before and loved it.
Anyway, back to Friday Best Bits… and here’s my usual weekly roundup…
♥ Happy Halloween  *click here*
♥ Looking like a princess…  *click here*
♥ Moments by Blue Eye Picture  *click here*
♥ Nautical wedding theme *click here*
♥ Love and green apples by Taran Wilkhu  *click here*
♥ For my Aunty Sue *click here*
Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Sunday!
Joelle xx

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