Hello Lovelies,
Happy Friday! I hope you’re having a smashing weekend so far? Yes, the weather is a bit grey but who cares.. at least it’s not boiling hot. 😉 This week has been pretty good so far. It was my birthday on Tuesday.. I’m now 28, which means I’m officially in my ‘late’ 20s?! Anyway, I got rather spoiled by my husband and last night he cooked me a lovely birthday dinner. He doesn’t cook often but when he does… he goes all out.
I told you last week that we adopted a new dog called Franklin… well after a few days we realised that he didn’t get on with Charlie, and was far too big for a companion. Thanks to my friend Tash, we re-homed him through a vet in Dubai and all ended well. I did have a few teary days… it’s amazing how quickly you can fall in love with a dog.
I also mentioned yesterday that Charlie was rocking her red jumper. She got a bit wet and cold from her morning walk and I decided to dress her up. Normally she would try to eat it, but to my surprise she spent the whole day snuggled up in it. It was the cutest thing ever.
 If you missed anything this week here’s my usual weekly roundup.
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If you’re getting married this weekend I hope the weather doesn’t ruin your day, and you have a wonderful wedding.  That shout out is for you too Rio!
Big wedding hugs…
Joelle xx

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