It’s Friday and this week I don’t have a huge amount of posts for you, but from next week I promise to overload you with wedding inspiration, photos and more DIY ideas. But in case you did miss anything here’s what I’ve posted since my last Friday Best Bits.  ♥
♥ My Winter Honeymoon Part 1   *click here*
♥ Retha Virgin Photography *click here*
♥ My sneak preview at BRIDE Abu Dhabi 2013  *click here*
♥ A quick update…  *click here*
♥ Summer love by Vintage Bloom *click here*
♥ A sneak peak at my lovely wedding *click here*
♥ The day we legally got married *click here*
♥ A Kempinski wedding by Sarah C *click here*
♥ 6 days to go… *click here*
♥ Shimmering silver and a touch of winter *click here*
♥ Wedding update 24th December *click here*
♥ A touch of purple sparkle  *click here*
Have a wonderful weekend!
Big wedding love,
Joelle xx

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