Morning my lovelies,
Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a fab week? I’ve started my weekend off nicely with dog walk, a Starbucks, two slices of marmite on brown toast, an hour of TV, and a trip to the gym… and it’s only 11am. Result!!! (Yes, one is feeling rather proud of herself) I think I’m going to grab a shower, get ready for the day and sit on my balcony and read my latest wedding mag. (Yes, I really am obsessed with weddings)
Anyway, enough with my ramblings, here is my usual weekly roundup.
♥ Choosing your wedding photographer  *click here*
♥ London Love in Hyde Park (engagement shoot) *click here*
♥ Being a technical bride-to-be  *click here*
♥ The dreaded minimum spend  *click here*
♥ Being a technical bride-to-be  *click here*
♥ Don’t forget the Goldfish discount  *click here*
Have a great weekend everyone!
Joelle xx

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