It’s Friday and it’s raining in Dubai, and it almost feels like winter has arrived. The grey skies have put me in the holiday mood 🙂
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, despite the lack of sunshine. In case you missed anything here is my usual weekly roundup.  ♥
♥ Recycling glass jars & saving money!  *click here*
♥ You can’t go wrong with chocolate    *click here*
♥ 37 days until my lovely wedding day *click here*
♥ A table for 2 by Vintage Bloom  *click here*
♥ My lovely afternoon tea party  *click here*
♥ My tips on how to do shabby chic… *click here* 
♥ My shabby chic handmade signs…   *click here*
♥ Abu Dhabi wedding by photographer Sarah C  *click here*
Oh, and don’t forget to go out and buy the new Harpers Bazaar Bride… was mentioned on the news page. Yay! I might post a few pics later, just to show off 😉 hehehe
Big wedding love,
Joelle xx

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