Morning my lovelies,
I’m actually just about to leave for the airport and it’s 12.15am, but I’m guessing that by the time you lovely readers are awake I would already be in London. Luckily for me Nathan had a business trip, so I’m tagging along (again). It gives me the chance to see my family, and actually wear my winter coat. I’m secretly looking forward to wearing a jumper and tights. I heart autumn!!
Anyway, if you missed anything this week.. here is my usual weekly roundup.
♥ DIY ZATAR FAVORS.  *click here*
♥ Introducing Maison Des Fleurs *click here*
♥ My new hair by Alexandre Zouari  *click here*
♥ Introducing Liz at JVR Photography *click here*
♥ The Wedding Fair in pictures *click here*
Have a lovely weekend everyone! Oh whoever emails me over the next few days, I promise I will reply, it might just take a day or so.
Happy Friday!
Mrs C xx (The jet setting wife/blogger)

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