Happy Friday people! The sun is out and it’s a glorious day… well, it looks like it from my window.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Here’s the usual weekly roundup….
♥ Me.. the wedding blogger  *click here*
♥  Introducing the Event Factory *click here*
♥ Weddings & kids…  *click here*
♥ I love DIY confetti *click here*
♥ I have writers block.  *click here*
♥ Vintage inspired brides *click here*
♥ BRIDE save the date 10-13th April  *click here*
♥ The alternative to flowers *click here*
♥ My alternative to flowers DIY table decor *click here*
Oh and just to let you know, we have a trade license now… and our new company is called The Lovely Group FZE. Cute huh?
Back tomorrow as usual…
Love Joelle x x

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