From Haggis to Hamburgers: A Cross Cultural Love Story…. (Amy's Proposal)

So now you know who I am I thought I would take the time to tell you about my wonderful fiancé and how he made it all happen by putting a ring on it. How Scotland and America became one happy engaged couple if you like 🙂
Patrick and I had been ‘dating’ as they call it in the old US of A for just over 2 years when we made the decision to move to Bangalore, India earlier this year. Exciting? Yes. Scary? You bet! But there was never any doubt in my mind that Patrick was the one and I wouldn’t have wanted to share this adventure with anyone else. In fact, I was hugely excited about this new chapter in our relationship and building our new life together.
Amy & Pat - The proposal story
Patrick had been there for a month and I had been there for around 2 weeks when I galavanted off to Goa for an Ashtanga yoga retreat. During this time, Patrick flew back to Dubai to pick up our lovely cat Blackie (she’s white, it’s a long story) and unbeknownst to me, to buy my engagement ring – it still gives me goosebumps!
Being the man of action that he is, he had literally decided to propose the week before and it didn’t spend any time messing around.  Here’s the part that will make you swoon. The week before Patrick had called my Mum in Dubai to ask for my hand. My family is very traditional that way and I love him so much for doing that. Of course my Mum said yes  – being delighted that Amy Walker is now under new management as she fondly calls it – and he showed her, my sisters and Joelle the ring before I even had any clue this was all happening!
Amy & Pat - The proposal story
It was just a plain old Thursday evening. I was in my oldest pair of pyjamas, no make up, no manicure and my lion’s mane of hair doing whatever it wanted. We were just about to go to bed when Patrick mysteriously disappeared and came back through to the living room and sat on the arm of the chair beside me. He kissed me affectionately before asking me the following.
“How long do you want kisses from me for?”
To which I responded, “Forever and ever.”  – thinking I was being cute 🙂
Next he said, “Well that’s a good thing because I got you a little present while I was in Dubai.”
Then out came the box, and then the ring and then the question.
“Will you marry me sweetheart?”
It completely blew me away. I pretty much just burst into happy tears before saying yes, (yes, a million times yes!), having our little romantic time together and then asking him if I could call everyone I know immediately!
It was the sweetest, most surprising way he could have proposed and I am so grateful he caught me off my guard. That was the moment that he thought I want this girl for the rest of my life and he said it right then and there. It didn’t need any spectacle. It was so special to share that moment just the two of us in our new home together. It couldn’t have been more perfect.
The next day I glammed myself up, got my nails done and we went for drinks downtown to celebrate – it feels quite 50’s when I say it like that actually!
Amy & Pat - The proposal story
I really wanted to enjoy being engaged before we got into the throes of wedding planning so I have made an effort to stop and really appreciate that time i.e. by spending hours staring at my new shiny diamond ring! We have been so blessed with well wishes from all our friends and family around the world and are blown away by all the love we have been shown.
Now two months later, the ideas are flowing and I have a whole vision for how I want our wedding to look and feel like – but you’ll just have to wait until next time for that 🙂
Until next time, with lots of love from your bride-to-be –


I know… I know. she really is the cutest! Oh and I’ll let you into a little secret… someone asked me to be a bridesmaid.
Back soon…

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